7 Fat Loss Enhancement Tips

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7 Fat Loss Enhancement Tips

Fat loss is a common goal for both men and women. Fat burning and muscle building with Emsculpt® Treatment, along with diet and exercise, can help you reach your goals. While Emsculpt® is less invasive, less costly, and requires less recovery than cosmetic surgery, many people can make great strides toward fat loss by following a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Fat Loss Tips       

Several recent studies have shown specific benefits for fat loss and wellness. Here are some tips based on recent findings:

  • Don’t starve yourself. Instead, eat plenty of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables to keep you feeling satisfied all day. Restricting food can also have disastrous effects on your metabolism, making it even harder to lose fat.
  • Rest and relax. A Finnish study of identical twins showed that getting plenty of sleep and keeping stress down was key to keeping less fat.
  • Add lean protein. Protein found in nuts, eggs and lean meats, in conjunction with exercise can greatly increase calories burned during your workout.
  • Stand up. Sitting for extended periods of time can be one of the most dangerous activities. If you have to sit for work, be sure to take walks throughout the day on your breaks.
  • Eat your breakfast. People who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese, in fact, one study showed that a larger breakfast with smaller meals later in the day helped reduce weight gain by nearly half.
  • Drink coffee or tea. Small amounts of caffeine can boost the metabolism by as much as 8 percent, and tea has antioxidants that can push that boost even higher, especially green tea.
  • Up your fiber intake. Fiber is the key to healthy digestion and it has huge impacts on your metabolism, helping burn fat and keeping your weight stable.

For the best results, combine these healthy habits with a custom treatment plan designed to meet your specific fat loss goals.

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