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1810 E Memorial Road, Suite B, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States 73131

For over 15 years Dr. Darter and staff have been focused on providing natural, non-surgical, therapies to improve the lives of their patients. This includes identifying and avoiding chemicals used in typical non-hypoallergenic & hypoallergenic skin care products and cosmetics. Our passionate team is taking patient care a step further. We understand that overall health and wellness is often achieved by physical quality of life improving. Western conventional medicine has changed, and people are living longer. In fact, most American women today will live well into their 80s or 90s. While some remain in good health the quality of life for many starts to deteriorate very early. We often see this decline starting with a sedentary lifestyle or the loss of mobility, leading to something called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the gradual loss of muscle mass and function, which can lead to falls, decreased bone density, low glucose intolerance, functional and mobility limitations, chronic pain, fatigue, and obesity. It has been shown to begin as early as the 4th decade of life and decline in a linear fashion. A decline in hormones and skeletal stem cells around this time are thought to play a role, since they are important in the maintenance of muscle mass. Inflammatory pathway activation and loss of neuromuscular junctions are also thought to play a role, as well as declines in activity and nutritional intake. Sarcopenia is associated with chronic illness, diminished quality of life, loss of function and loss of independence.

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