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46 Newman Springs Road East 07701

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Amarpreet Singh, MD, believes in and has developed a unique holistic approach to aesthetic medicine that combines diet and nutrition with his cosmetic and surgical procedures. He achieves this in his own life through a balance between his work and personal time, as well as between his two types of practices—his cosmetic practice at Lotus and his surgical practice in Manhattan, where he takes care of trauma, congenital, and cancer-related reconstructive procedures. In addition to these practices, he holds an academic appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Oculofacial plastic surgery at Columbia University, where he enjoys teaching residents from various surgical specialties. “Knowing that I have educational responsibilities to these young doctors forces me to keep abreast of the latest techniques and most up-to-date developments in my field.” Part of being up-to-date is not only through offering the most cutting-edge equipment and technical innovations, but also by instructing his clinical nutrition team to develop simple, effective changes in his patients’ lifestyles before, during, and after his procedures. These changes can lead to enhanced patient outcomes and satisfaction when compared to surgeons with no knowledge of this holistic approach. Dr. Singh is very proud of the fact that he can provide a holistic approach to his patients. “We really want to take care of the person as a whole. It’s not enough for me to just take away a patient’s love handles then set them free. We like to keep people engaged, and we like to make sure that they continue on the path that they started on, a path to a healthier lifestyle.” To Dr. Singh, his patients are not business commodities. “The litmus test for me is how do I advise those who are close to me? How would I treat my friends and my family? If I can’t do the same thing for my patients, then I’m doing something wrong.”

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