Emsculpt®: A Solution for Busy Moms

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Emsculpt®: A Solution for Busy Moms

Moms are always striving to restore their pre-pregnancy physiques after having children. But between work, family, and household tasks, it feels virtually impossible to find the time to work out at all, let alone be able to shape your body to the way you want. The Emsculpt® body sculpting device makes this easy! It offers an innovative treatment for moms who want to get rid of stubborn fat and build muscle on the abdomen and buttocks. We know you don’t need to settle for a body that doesn’t make you feel happy and beautiful — and perhaps more than anyone, moms deserve to shine with confidence and look their best. Here are our five favorite reasons to recommend EMSCULPT for busy moms battling the business of work and childcare.

  1. Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously with Emsculpt®

Most body sculpting devices focus on reducing stubborn fat, giving clients a kick-start on their fitness goals by making it easier to reveal muscle tone after working out. But EMSCULPT takes body contouring one step further: it is the only treatment that also targets tough-to-build muscle, so you’ll get both fat-reducing and muscle-building benefits without needing to hit the gym at all.

The device uses an innovative technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This technology generates fast, intense muscle movements known as supramaximal contractions. These contractions are quicker and stronger in comparison to the ones done during a regular workout. You’ll see real results quicker than you would with typical exercise. The benefits of this treatment make it perfect for moms who are looking to not only slim down but also attain a stronger, more toned figure.

  1. Target common problem areas with Emsculpt®

Emsculpt® is currently FDA-approved as a treatment for the abdomen and buttocks. It smooths, lifts, and tones the exact area where you most need it. Shrink your post-baby belly while firming, strengthening and defining your abdominal muscles. No crunches or sit-ups required. And don’t worry, if you notice that your butt has lost some of its shape, you can use Emsculpt® to target your glute muscles for a rounder, firmer butt without having to do squats or lunges. It is well-known that these areas are really tough to shape with normal workouts. It’s difficult to know exactly where your body will lose fat or build muscle and it can take years to get reach your goals.

  1. Fast and convenient treatment sessions

Emsculpt® sessions are around 30 minutes, which makes them easy to squeeze into your new, busy being a mom. There have also been clinical studies that have shown one session with Emsculpt® is equivalent of 20,000 crunch or squats. So, that 20 minutes will definitely be worth it. Studies have also shown that you’ll notice the best results after around four treatments per area treated. You can technically have more visibly sculpted abs and a lifted butt in eight 30-minute sessions. Many of our clients choose to schedule maintenance treatments every few months, making them even more convenient.

  1. No surgery or recovery time

Emsculpt® is entirely non-invasive and the session involves the device’s handheld paddles being placed over your abdomen or butt during each session. These sit gently on your skin with no suction, pinching or pulling from these paddles. Best of all, there is no anesthesia, cuts, or sutures needed. While there are minimally invasive body sculpting treatments like liposuction, most patients need a few days to recover due to side effects like inflammation or bruising. Emsculpt® patients don’t experience these inconveniences. The only thing you will feel is a bit of soreness, similar to what you would feel after a workout. This is ideal for mothers who are always on the go and have a new baby to care for.

  1. Naturally restore your body

Body sculpting surgical procedures, like a mommy makeover, tummy tuck or a butt lift is a huge commitment. And while the surgery route is incredibly effective, but you are making permanent changes to your body. If you are the right candidate, a non-invasive alternative like Emsculpt® will be able to give you outstanding results without feeling like its permanent. Emsculpt® works with the body’ natural shape and functions, which means that it will enhance your body, rather than change it. It is a treatment that you will be able to repeat if you pregnant again or if you gain weight later on. You simply make an appointment for more Emsculpt® sessions.

After your Emsculpt® treatment, you will feel totally confident with your body.

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