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Ready Your Bikini Body
Summertime brings longer days and warmer temperature. But for some it also brings anxiety about more revealing clothes. If you are still looking to shed a few pounds this summer and tone up your body to look lean and healthy try these five tips for fat loss: 

  1. Eat more fiber. It’s not just good for your digestive system. More fiber in your diet can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk for certain cancers.
  2. Drink more water. Keeping yourself well hydrated will not only give your skin a healthier glow, it will also curb your appetite. We often think we are hungry when in fact, we just need a little more hydration.
  3. Get your beauty rest. Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to weight gain by altering hormone levels that affect appetite and changing the way our bodies process and store carbs. Try to get eight hours each night.
  4. Stay active. Summer is the perfect time to start up your active routine if you’ve been spending a little too much time binging on Netflix. Even a brisk walk a few times a week can make a huge difference for your overall health and your waistline.
  5. See the doctor. Don’t forget that regular health exams can be the key to early diagnosis of health problems that could be holding you back.
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