Best Foods for Fat Burning

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Best Foods for Fat Burning
Fat reduction is a common goal for both men and women in %CITY%. Beyond exercise and wellness programs, there are several options to help you succeed in meeting your desired outcomes. Several foods have been identified that can help burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Top Fat Burning Foods

  • Whole Grains:  Fiber-rich whole grains take more energy to break down than processed foods, so on a calorie for calorie basis, whole grain foods will enhance your fat reduction.
  • Lean Meats:  Foods with high protein levels have a thermogenic effect on the body, burning about 30% of their calories during digestion.
  • Low Fat Dairy:  Low-fat dairy products are a great source of the nutrients needed to build and maintain muscle mass.
  • Green Tea:  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that drinking four cups of green tea per day helped people lose 6 pounds over an 8-week period.

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