The Power of Your Glutes

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The Power of Your Glutes

Loving your butt is hard for even the most in shape people. But, when it comes to how well your body performs, your glutes are one of the most important parts. There are 3 different glutes:

  • gluteus maximus (major extensor muscle of the hip)
  • gluteus medius (outer surface of the pelvis)
  • gluteus minimus (beneath the gluteus medius)

They all work together, these muscles are responsible for hip extension, internal rotation, and abduction of the hip. Think of them as the engine for almost every movement you make with your lower body and back, whether you’re are walking, running, climbing, stepping, or standing, your glutes are involved. Strong glutes are vital for proper pelvic alignment and force during running. When they are properly activated with exercise, they can deliver raw strength and power. When glutes are weak, they can be connected to most injuries people have, including:

  • poor posture
  • lower back pain
  • knee pain
  • strains
  • hip pain
  • ankle instability

If you want your butt to appear rounder you and you have worked hard to sculpt your muscles with exercise and a healthy diet, there is, fortunately an option to help you increase your results. We offer the world’s only non-invasive body shaping procedure, a treatment called EMSCULPT. It is the perfect solution for people who want to have stronger glutes. The device causes muscle contractions that not only release of free fatty acids, burning fat cells (adipose) but also help shape the muscles as well and your body the way you want with no downtime at all.

Here are some tips to maximize your results:

  • Add weight. Basic moves like squats or step-ups are great but adding weights will make your glutes work harder and burn more calories.
  • Don’t rush. Try holding a squat or lunge for 30 seconds. You will be able to take an extra-deep contraction through your glutes and core, as well as stabilize your spine before you lift back up.
  • Don’t rush, with weights. It might be tempting, especially when you think the faster you lift, the sooner you’ll finish. This not a good idea because it can not only can it be dangerous but rushing through your strength routine can be counterproductive for your goals. Your muscles should have time to fully contract and maximize your routine’s potential.
  • Positively reinforce yourself. If you waste your time staring in a mirror and analyzing everything you dislike about yourself, you are never going to be motivated to improve.
  • Sneak in workouts. Find time at work or standing in line at the bank to do something squats, leg lifts, or leg extensions. All those mini workouts will start adding up.
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